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There’s a lot we can learn from our animals.  Cab Calloway imitated a Rooster when he danced, and in all of those old martial arts movies I watched as a kid the fighters mimicked animals – you know – Monkey Style, Cobra Style, Flying Dragon, etc.  That got me to thinking perhaps there’s something my cat could teach me about marketing.  So hear are four quick thoughts I came up with on how cats can help us become better marketers.

1. Experiment with New Channels and Offers

What’s that saying – oh yeah – curiosity killed the cat.  My cat is tremendously curious.  Any new bag or box I bring in the house she’s immediately exploring it.  I can see how this can get cats in trouble.  But experimenting with new inbound marketing tipschannels won’t likely kill you.

Marketing Takeaway: The only way you’ll know for sure if something will work for you, and how well is to try it.  Examples of things you can try with little consequence are new offers, or discounts.  Also don’t be afraid to experiment with new marketing channels. What channels haven’t you experimented with yet – eMail marketing, Google Plus, Twitter? Staying ahead of the curve and leading requires a willingness to try new channels?

2. Diversify Your Content

My wife takes care of feeding the cat most often.  She buys a big box of cat food that comes in a variety of flavors – chicken and rice, wild salmon, and turkey liver.  She says the cat gets bored eating the same old thing day in and day out so she mixes it up.

Marketing Takeaway: Diversify your marketing portfolio by not depending on a single traffic or communication source.  Instead draw traffic from, and communicate via a variety of different sources and marketing channels.  While some of your customers like vanilla others may like Rocky Road, so use different channels to connect with them. Use social media to share your content, answer questions on LinkedIn, and keep your ear to the ground by monitoring what’s being discussed on Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook.  Your target audience likely has different preferences on how they access information, so in addition to blogging try to post videos on YouTube, and use eMail marketing to periodically update your customers.

3. Be Concise

I don’t speak cat but somehow our cat, Sweetie, can concisely communicate exactly when she wants to eat.  The meow has a certain pitch, she plants herself right in front of her bowl, or starts pawing at the container where we keep her dry food.  She get’s to the point quickly and there’s no mistaking the message she’s sending.  Hmm – maybe I do speak cat.

Marketing takeaway: There’s a lot stuff out there competing for your clients attention, and their careful who they will give any of it to.  So when writing eBooks, blog post, etc don’t beat around the bush, instead do what my cat does and get to the point quickly.

  • Landing pages should ideally have a single option (at most two)
  • Page titles should be Kept 70 characters
  • Meta descriptions should always be kept under 150 characters
  • Keep the information you collect on web forms strictly to what you need

4. Create a Strategy

We’ve had our cat for nearly 10 years now, and in that time I’ve rarely seen her knock a single thing over. When in a crowded space she carefully plans where she’s going to plant her feet.  It’s almost funny when she’s about to jump on something high.  Her head goes back and forth and we can tell she’s formulating a strategy of just where she wants to land.

Marketing Takeaway: Online success requires that you have a strategy.  We begin our inbound relationships with each new client by producing a Strategic Inbound Marketing Plan. Part of the strategic plan involves doing keyword research and determining the phrases that our clients want to be found for. If you don’t have a plan for producing remarkable content you’ll end up doing anything and hoping something sticks.

What has your pet taught you about marketing?