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For a small business social media marketing can quickly become overwhelming.  There’s an ever growing number of platforms, deciding what to post, when to post, and how often to post are just a few challenges.  So to help ease your burdens we thought it might be a good idea if provided some social media marketing tips to help guide you.

1) Claim your company’s brand now: Whether you’re planning to dive into the deep end of the social media marketing pool right now, or perhaps a few months down the line you need to snag your social media accounts in your brands name right away.

2) Optimize your company’s profile: This might sound elementary but many people don’t complete their social media profiles.  Be sure to complete 100% of your profile.

3) Follow the 50/50 rule: How much time to do you like to spend around the gal who only talks about herself.  Exactly!  Same goes for social media.  No one wants to follow someone who can only manage to promote their own products or services.  Instead approach social media like a conversation by engaging others and not just talking about yourself.

4) Have a unique but uniform voice: It’s important that your brand communicate in a consistent voice even if multiple people are posting.

5) Show up and be awesome: Showing up on social media is really the easy part.  The more difficult thing is to standout and be interesting.  Don’t be afraid to share interesting and quirky stuff with your followers.  Guy Kawasaki suggest that you cheat by scanning contemplations of stuff that’s already hot and posting it too.  Checkout his posting best practices for a list of places you can find some hot ideas.

6) Link back: Be sure to share links back to the original source of your information.

7) Monitor your ROI:  With an analytics package it’s easy to keep track of which social media platform sends referrals to your site.