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Online lead generation typically involves creating compelling content for your audience, driving traffic to the content, and capturing leads through call-to-actions (CTAs) and forms. From there, the leads can be passed off to the sales team for nurturing and closure.

As a marketer, you are aiming at both quality and quantity. A large amount of good leads will help you implement a successful lead generation engine. This will ensure your business funnel is full of sales prospects all the time.

Below are 8 of the most important online lead generation tips that will help your sales team achieve its revenue goals.

1. Use Scarcity

In market economics, when supply is low, demand goes up. Scarcity has a psychological influence in customers, making them want something more when there isn’t enough available. Customers fear losing out due to shortage, which creates a sense of urgency.

Limited-time and quantity offers are among the best scarcity lead generation techniques you can use. Offers become unique and exclusive when they are in limited quantity. Prospects will often take action on scarcity offers if they are not sure when they will be available again.

Use limited-time offers to get prospects to say “yes” and take action immediately.

2. Use the Bandwagon Effect

Human beings like to copy each other. This is why you may feel compelled to get a new phone when you see someone at your workplace with one. To make an offer more valuable, show your target audience that other people are taking advantage of it. There is proof in numbers.

When possible, indicate statistics showing how many people are taking advantage of an offer. For example, you can indicate the number of people who have donated, signed up, downloaded or purchased an offer.

But be cautious and realistic; nothing can kill a lead generation campaign fast than making unbelievable claims.

3. Leverage Newsjacking

Newsjacking involves capitalizing on the popularity of a trend or news story to improve your sales and marketing efforts. When something is trending, demand for it grows. Align your offers with the trending news to generate leads.

Make sure the news you want to jack resonates well with your audience. This way, you can create compelling messages that will help to generate leads for your offers.

4. Search Engine Optimized Titles

Having a great offer with a bad title will seriously damage your lead generation efforts. Unfortunately, people judge a book by its cover. When you have an amazing offer, make it a hit in your industry by giving it a compelling, search engine optimized title.

Content titles have a direct impact on both search engine rankings and clickthrough rates (CTRs). Test various titles using tools like TitleTester or by polling your team to find out which one will lead to the best results.

5. Relevant Offers

Create relevant offers for leads at every stage of the buying process. Avoid the old school “Contact Us” offers on your website. Of course, you want prospects to get to the sales. However, not everyone who stops by your website is ready for sales.

Before engaging the sales team, prospects usually carry out their own research. Most prospects are at different stages of exploration. Some may need further education before they are ready to buy. Try creating offers tailored to prospects at different stages in their buying cycles.

6. Avoid Corporate Jargon

While it is necessary to project a corporate image, avoid using meaningless jargon. Your goal should be to communicate clearly with your prospects and make them take the next step, rather than trying to impress them with terminology. Using industry jargon can make prospects roll their eyes at your offer, leading to low lead conversion rate.

Be direct, speak in the language that your prospects understand. If you are targeting CFOs, use language that resonates well with them.

7. High Value Offers

All offers are not crated equal. Some offers lead to higher lead conversion rate than others. For example, if you are in the technology industry, would you rather download an eBook or a whitepaper? Carefully consider your buyer persona to determine the right offers to present.

Some examples of high value offers include blog posts with CTAs, on-demand videos, live webinars, kits (e.g. multiple offers packaged together), whitepapers, research reports, templates and presentations.

8. Use CTA’s That Stand Out

The placement of CTAs is key to driving conversions, so make sure they are in areas where people are most likely to see them. Consider the areas where prospects look on your site. Studies have shown that CTAs placed above the fold (i.e. the webpage area viewable to users without having to scroll down) convert best. Increasing the CTA views on your website can increase lead generation.

Implement the 8 strategies above to improve your online lead generation.