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Continuing along in our series on Financial Services Inbound Marketing.  Below are 9 items financial advisors or services firms should absolutely have in their business blogs sidebar.

1. Certification or Membership Badges

If your company is certified by a professional organization then you want to promote that.  For example we are are a Certified HubSpot Partner, and proudly display the official partner badge. If the process you’re certified in, or the organization you’re a member of does not offer an official badge just write it out in a bold letters.

2. CTA’s

CTA stands for Calls To Action. Your sidebar is prime real-estate and you can use it to orchestrate the actions you want your readers to take.  If financial services inbound marketingyou’re business blogging this is critical because CTA’s will lead people to your landing pages where you collect leads – hopefully lots of them.

As much as possible keep your CTA’s relevant to your blogs overall theme (a marketing blog should not have a CTA for “How To Prevent Home Fires”).  An even better place for a CTA is the bottom of your blog post because the offer can be highly customized to match the content of the post.

3. A Search Bar

It’s a simple things that lots of blogs mistakenly leave out.  You wan to make is easy for readers to locate content on your site, and a search bar allows someone to type in a keyword or phrase to pull up all the content on your site on the topic.  You can also put your search bar in the header.  Putting one in the footer can be convienent just incase someone has gotten to the bottom of a page and can’t find what they want the search bar is right there.

4. A List of Categories

Category and Topic list are another simple way to make it easy for viewers to locate the content their interested in on your blog.  The good thing is that all most all blogging platforms will automate this process for you.

Quick Tip: Try and keep blog post strictly related to a single category or topic assignment, and never more than 3.  This makes the exercise of sorting more valuable.

5. An Invitation To Subscribe

You’ve invested a ton of time in producing awesome content.  Right?  Well just because you’ve got lots of remarkable content does not mean that from time to time it won’t slip your readers mind to hit up your site.  So make it easy for them to remember by add a subscribe button.  Using an RSS service we use FeedBlitz makes allows you to link to your RSS feed or have your post sent automatically to your subscribers email.

6. A List Of Your Most Popular Post

It’s important to keep things simple for your readers. Displaying a list of your post that have been read the most is an easy way to help others find the most interesting content on your site.

7. Recent Post

Readers will enter your site sometimes via an older post.  Listing your most recent post is a good way to direct viewers to additional content and help increase page views.

8. Social Media Links

Offering social media links provides your readers with another option to keep up with your content, and share it with others.


Financial services organizations are correctly increasing the focus of their online efforts towards inbound marketing.  If you’re Financial Advisor or manage a team we hope you’ve found this helpful.