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Google recently announced that advertisers will be able to view conversion window data through a 7 to 90 day window.  This is a big and major change from 30 day window traditionally allowed by AdWords.

Advertisers, or a PPC agency managing products with sales cycles longer than 30 days can really benefit from the extend conversion window.  Additionally businesses offering recent customers the opportunity for repeat purchases will benefit by now being able to gain insight into the longer term value of their advertising.

Advertiser with shorter sales cycles won’t have to be concerned with longer look backs clouding their data now that they can opt for a 7 day conversion window.  This is great for a marketer who might be running a 7 day sales for example.

customize conversion window google adwords

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If you want to change your conversion window you can make changes by going to the Tools and Analysis tab and then selecting ‘Conversions’.  To help decide how long of a conversion window to select AdWords offers a link to your Search Funnel Time Lag Report.  The link to the report will show under the drop down window for selecting the number of days.