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As the ancient proverb goes, “there’s nothing new under the sun”, and so it is with the AdWords blunders.  Most people make the same common mistakes in their Google campaigns.  Fortunely most Google campaigns can be greatly improved in a very short time with a little insight and effort.

This will be the first in a series of 4 post Understanding Google AdWordswhere I’ll show you how you can save many thousands of dollars by following some very simple and straight forward.

This post will focus on how to properly structure an AdWords campaign.  Let’s get started.

As an AdWords Manager the most common mistake I find when evaluating a clients existing Google AdWords campaign is improperly organized campaign structures.  A well organized campaign will get great results from the onset, while poorly structured campaigns suffer with low quality scores and click through rates, and high cost per click results.

To get your account set up properly you first need to understand the 3 layer design of AdWords.  Understanding these layers can help you organize your ads and keywords into ad groups and campaigns so that AdWords can then target your ads for the right audience.

How Google Organizes AdWords

Google has structured AdWords into three layers:

  1. Your account is associated with a unique email address, password, and billing information.
  2. Your ad campaign has its own budget and settings that determine where your ads appear.
  3. Your ad group contains a set of similar ads and the words and phrases, known as keywords, that you want to trigger your ads to show.

Within your AdWords account you can setup a maximum of 10,000 campaigns.  And these campaigns can be completely unrelated.  If you have multiple revenue streams, for example you have an online store to sell socks and you also have an ebook on the best tie clips money can buy, then you can have both of these campaigns running within a single Google AdWords account.

How you choose to seperate your campaigns is completely up to you. But ad groups are a completely different animal and there is definitely a right way and a wrong way.

So what’s an ad group?

An ad group is a set of keywords, ads, and bids that is a key part of how your account is organized. Each ad campaign is made up of one or more ad groups.

  • An ad group consists of one or more ads, keywords, placements, or other targeting methods. You also set a default bid for each ad group.
  • Best practice is that you create a separate ad group for each theme such as for each product you offer (like wedding catering and party catering), selling points (like free consultation and gourmet menus), or ways to describe your business (like caterer and on-site food service). The ads and keywords in each ad group should directly relate to that group’s theme.

The Best Way To Organize An AdWords Campaign

AdWords Account Organization

Pro Tip:

Develop ad specific landing pages.  Newbies will typically have all of their ads pointing to a single page on their website, most often the homepage.  This is a mistake of biblical proportions.

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