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Attention small business owners and marketers!  I’m going to let you in on a little secret that B2B blogging experts have understood for quite sometime now.  It’s that a B2B blog is a lead generation work horse.  Shortly after we got starting blogging this blog began generating more traffic than our main product and service pages.  Each month this blog generates a few leads for us that we’d not have without it.

A B2B Blog Can Do More For You Than You Think

Lots of B2B bloggers make a common mistake of thinking that a blog is just about developing thought leadership.  It’s great for that but it wouldn’t be much of a work horse if that’s all it could do.  Your blog of course can be used to build your brand, but don’t overlook your Clydesdale’s ability to generate leads for your sales team.

Putting Your Clydesdales To Work on Lead Development

Here’s what your business needs to do to max out on the lead generation potential of your B2B blog.

Publish Remarkable Content.  Content that’s not down right awesome is just one more piece of content in the blogosphere.  A big mistake many b2b blog work horsemarketers make is that they think that the most lead generating potential will come from producing more sales content about product and service offering.  Take just a moment to consider this.  What’s your reaction to websites that are always pushing their products and services on you? Yup, I thought so.  You hate it.  Well your readers are likely to have the same reaction.

Sales and service content isn’t that exciting to you on websites you visit, and it’s not exciting to your prospects on your website so few of them will read it.

Instead of sales and service type content work on publishing content that is useful to your prospects, and lots of them will find it.  The first step is to build a big audience so you have more people to try to capture as leads.  Better, more interesting blog content means more readers

Create Compelling Offers.  Ok. Once you’ve got people consuming information on your business blog you’ll have opportunity to do a God Father number on them, that is to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

An offer is what you offer your readers in exchange for their contact information.  But you can’t make one offer and stop there.  We’re constantly adding offers to this website because it’s important to have offers that are related to the post that your visitors are reading.  For example at the bottom of this post you’ll find an offer for an ebook on lead generation.  An ebook on lead generation with information not contained in this blog post might be a natural next step for you or someone reading this article.

Don’t be overly anxious for a sale and make the mistake of putting a bunch of offers for demo’s at the bottom of your post. Instead take the position of really providing quality information that your prospects need to make an informed decision about your industry.  Don’t forget how you consume information.  Don’t you want the education first, and if you like what you’re getting then you decide if you want to take the next steps and reach out to the company providing it.  Same goes for your prospects.

You Need Irresistible Calls to Action.  Calls To Action/CTA’s are what your readers will click on to access your business offer.  Think of a CTA as a sales pitch for the offer.  Be sure to switch out different versions of your calls to action to make sure they stay noticeable by those who might frequent your site.  You experiment with colors, fonts, and placements to provide fresh CTA scenery.  As you read our blog you’ll notice that we use various CTA’s like text, and pictures, we also vary where we place them from time to time.

Are you using your B2B blog for lead generation? What are you doing? Can you share any advice for B2B blog lead generation?