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Coming up with a years worth of content ideas is one of the biggest challenges that bloggers, and inbound marketers face. I know you’re thinking – err, a years worth, really.  But blog ideas abound if you know how and where to find them.

So we’ve decided to do our readers a solid and provide 10 blogging tips for getting out of the writers rut you might be struggling with.  I suggest you grab a pencil and paper because I’ve got a funny feeling that you’ll come up with more than a few ideas for blog post as you’re reading this.

1. Read Google News: Possibly a bloggers best friend.  Google News offers an easy way to come up with lots of fresh blogging ideas.  You can customize it to show information specific to your industry, or interest and it will display relevant news story that you can cover in your blog. Make sure to relate the story back to your readers, and be sure to include a valuable explanation, lesson, or takeaway they can learn from the story.

2. Get Help From Others: If you’re part of an organization there’s no reason you have to go it alone.  Solicit ideas from, and ask other members of your team to contribute.  Everyone thinks differently and you’ll discover that opening up the idea flow will allow for access to creative ideas that you would not come up with on your own.  Also it’s very popular these days to open your blog up to guest bloggers who are also part of your industry.

3. Come Up With a New Angle to Another’s Content: I get tons of ideas from reading other peoples content. If you’re not already frequent other peoples blogs and become part of their community.  Offer different perspectives, alert your readers to something someone else has written, or even dare to respectfully disagree with another bloggers position.  Print magazines are another great place to collate ideas.  I often peruse the magazine section of my favorite book store and use my iPhone to snap images of catchy titles I can morph into ideas for my blogs.

4. Repurpose Content: You know, or at least you should know that unique relevant content in king on the Internet.  Once you start developing content you’ve got all you need to repurpose it into a different format.  For example, go back to old blog post and produce short training videos from them.  Another idea is to gather all the blog post you’ve written on a particular topic and combine them into a downloadable eBook. Or do either one of these in reverse.

5. Visit Places That Inspire You: I get most of my blog ideas either in bed while I’m sleeping (I wake up with an idea), in the shower, or on long walks.  Having a difficult time coming up with ideas for content?  Perhaps all you need is a little relaxation to get your creative juices flowing.

6. Try Combined Relevance: Combined relevance is taking two concept that don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other (like cats and marketing), and connecting them in a clever and valuable way. For example, one of our most popular blog articles is called “Inbound Marketing Lessons From Cats“. On the surface, cupcakes and marketing don’t have anything to do with each other. But by connecting the two ideas, we were able leverage the power of combined relevance and reach people who love cupcakesand marketing!

7. Keep It Simple: Don’t overthink it.  Often the most useful thing for your readers will be a very simple explanation.  You might find the idea rudimentary but remember you’re the expert and your readers are not – that’s why they are reading your blog.  People always want to know ‘How To’ do something.  So a series of ‘How To’ post on something you can do in your sleep might be the very thing your readers need.

8. Do Deep Dives: Ok this might sound like a contradiction or point 7, but a deep dive into a subject which you might have simply covered the fundamentals in a past post would likely be appreciated by readers who want to learn more about that subject.   Deep dives are also another great way to take advantage of point #4 which is to re-purpose content.  Deep dives offer great content building opportunities because you can do them in a series of post.

9. Switch Up Formats: No one ever said that a blog post always has to be text-based.  Take a look at your blog post library and try to find things that you could present differently.  For example turn the statistics in a post into an infographic, or video.  Another idea is to put funny quotes or industry statistics into a meme.  Checkout our online marketing statistics Morpheus Meme.

10. Curate Other Awesome Content: Someone very smart once said – “Hey, why reinvent the wheel”.  That’s good advice for content as well.  You don’t have to come up with the great ideas, and how to’s yourself.  Instead you can curate for your readers some of the best ideas in your industry in a single place.  For example, if your a voracious reader a list of the top 10 books on a topic, with a short overview of why you recommend the book might serve your readers well.

Do you have a way you make sure you never run out of super awesome blog ideas?  Share them in the comments!