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Most casual AdWords users are completely unaware that there is an entire section within their account dedicated to helping improve campaign results.  It’s called the Opportunities tab.

I like to think of the tab as a personal assistant there to help me customizes opportunities for client accounts. I check the Opportunities tab in client accounts regularly to discover new keywords, improve  bids and budgets, and more.

If you’re having trouble finding information in the Opportunities section of your account keep in mind that your campaign has to be old enough to have developed some performance history.

How the Opportunities tab works

If you’re not using the information provided here you’re really missing out.  The way Google generates these performance improvement suggestions is by monitoring your account’s performance history, your campaign settings, and Google search volume and trends.

3 Things the Opportunities Tab Can Do To Rock Your AdWords World

If you’ve been running with AdWords long enough to have an account history to work with, you’ll find you can easily get help with the following:

  • Gain insight into performance improvement opportunities – Even Google can’t predict if your ads will perform well, but they can tap into tons of historical data from the past like your campaign performance and what people search for on Google, to give you an idea of how each opportunity might improve your performance.
  • Time is money so let Google do the thinking for you – Because the Opportunities tab looks for opportunities for you, you can reduce much of the time normally spent on research and stay focused on making decisions instead of conducting research.
  • Freshen up your campaigns – I know if it ain’t broke then don’t try and fix it.  However, if you have you been using the same keywords for awhile, or can’t recall the last time you adjusted your bid strategy the Opportunities tab can help you keep your account fresh.

Checkout the Opportunities tab in your Google AdWords account today to help take your online advertising results to the next level.  If you can use some help from a PPC Agency give us a call.