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Inbound Marketing Process

When bringing a client on board we follow a 5-step process that takes place over a 12-month peroid.

1.  Free Inbound Marketing Assessment

Our process starts with a free 30-minute analysis of your current marketing and an assessment to jointly determine if inbound marketing is something your organization should consider to help reach your business goals.

During the assessment we discuss your current online marketing activities, analyze your existing website, review your marketing goals, discuss how inbound marketing might have a positive impact, and make suggestions on ways you can improve.

Businesses positioned to receive the biggest benefits from inbound marketing are looking to grow over the course of 12-months and have a well-defined sales process already in place.

If you’re ready to take the first step in determining how inbound marketing can benefit your company, then start by scheduling your free 30-minute inbound marketing assessment.

inbound marketing assessment

2.  Goal Setting Session

After the assessment if you feel that inbound marketing can help your company we will schedule a free goal setting sessions in which we discuss timelines, specific goals, available resources, and budgets.

The goal setting session is also free and will take about 1-hour to complete.  During this call we begin to customize how JugHead can help you reach your marketing goals.  During this call we’ll be looking to identify goals, discuss your timelines, get a sense of who will be responsible for various parts of your marketing, and get a handle on estimated budgets.

3. Strategic Inbound Marketing Plan

Once your goals have been defined it’s time to make an action plan.  JugHead will work with you to layout a 12-month Strategic Inbound Marketing Plan specifically addressing your business goals.

Included in the strategic plan is the following:

  • Current Brand and Position Analysis
  • Outline of Your Goals
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Definition of Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads
  • Development of Buying Personas
  • Defining Your Value Position
  • Defining Your Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s)
  • Content Creation Strategy
  • Best Prospect and Quality Lead Identification
  • Marketing Automation and Contact Management Strategy

 4. Campaign Development & Execution

Once the Strategic Planning phase is completed it’s time to swing into action.  JugHead will help you implement HubSpot, optimize your website, and develop all the tools needed to execute your plan.

Each month, we will create, manage and execute the following activities that are designed to maximize your marketing and sales funnel and achieve the objectives we’ve set together.

  • Website design, re-design, or migration of website to a CMS (HubSpot or WordPress)
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Blog Development
  • SEO Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Custom Offer Creation
  • Call To Action and Landing Page Deployment
  • Setup Workflows
  • Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • HubSpot Integration With Your CRM

5. Strategic Plan Implementation & Ongoing Retainer Services

Once everything is in place it’s time to start driving consistent traffic, leads, and customers.  We will work closely with you on a retainer basis to perform the inbound marketing task such as content creation, concept development, training your team, monitoring and reporting.

Our retainer offerings are setup to have JugHead assist in fulfilling the ongoing inbound marketing activities agreed on in the strategic planning phase.  Our retainers are customized on a per client basis to ensure we are serving each of our customers in an optimal manner.

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