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There’s no shortage of content type for a mortgage company interested in blogging to post. However, the question that needs to be answered is what’s the best type of blog post to be consistent with. Among all the choices the content type that’s most frequently overlooked when evaluating content strategy is evergreen content, so it’s very likely that your blog could a bit.

In this article I’ll do a deep dive into:

  1. What evergreen content is
  2. Why it needs to be included in your marketing strategy
  3. Why it’s important to the success of your mortgage company blog
  4. How to leverage it to generate more leads

What Is Evergreen Blog Content?

I like to think of evergreen content as blogging content that remains helpful to your readers mortgage company marketing strategiesyear-to-year, month-to-month, and day-to-day. It’s content that people will want to reference long after you originally publish it.  Here are a few characteristics that help define evergreen content:

It’s Timeless

As I mentioned earlier evergreen content remains helpful to readers over a long period of time. The nuts and bolts of good evergreen content won’t change much, and therefore should only need slight tweaking from time to time. The timelessness of it makes it virtually everlasting.

It’s High Value and High Quality

In order for your mortgage practice to reap the benefits of producing evergreen content the content itself must have a high strategic value in the market place (something that a lot of people need to know or understand)(Or perhaps something that’s a difficult concept to understand), and the actual post that you produce needs to be of an exceptional quality.

It’s worth noting hear that your post can take on any format: text, video, podcast, etc.

It’s Definitive

The best evergreen content should be a definitive resource on the subject matter it covers. Therefore it needs to be in-depth, and detailed.

Why Evergreen Content Is Crucial To a Mortgage Company’s Marketing Strategy

Great you’ve hung in there to this point in the post, and you’ve got a good idea of what makes certain types of content evergreen in their nature. But perhaps you find yourself wondering what’s all the hoopla about, and why evergreen content could be so valuable to your mortgage company. I can think of three strategic reasons you should invest in producing evergreen content for your mortgage company’s blog.

Getting Found on Search Engines

Due to the high quality, and timelessness of evergreen blog content it has a greater tendency to rank well in search engines over time. With this in mind make sure up front that your blog post are optimized with the keywords that you’re looking to rank well for.

Steady Traffic Flow

Evergreen content will usually rank higher (closer to the top of the search engine result page), and therefore gets clicked on more often. Higher click through rates lead to a steady flow of traffic to your mortgage company’s website and blog even long after the initial publication date of the content.

Generates Lots of Mortgage Leads

Think of every visit to your site as a chance to convert on something (because that’s what it actually is). The greater the flow of traffic, the more opportunities you have to convert someone into a lead.

The real benefit of evergreen content to your mortgage company’s marketing strategy is that long after you publish a piece of content it will continue to be a work horse for your company by attracting traffic to your site and giving you an opportunity to turn website traffic into a lead.

That’s why lenders that find ways to incorporate evergreen content into their online marketing strategy are at an advantage. If you decide to take a ‘Breaking-News’ only approach to publishing content you’ll find yourself at a severe disadvantage because your content will become irrelevant, outdated super quick. But evergreen content can guarantee your mortgage practice high SEO value, steady traffic flow, and leads over long periods of time.

Examples of Evergreen Blog Content for a Mortgage Company

Ok, still not getting it and need a few examples of the type of content your mortgage practice should be deploying, here are a few examples of blog post with evergreen potential.

  • Resource lists of curated content (e.g. pointing your readers to regulated content that might be found on a website like HUD is a great idea)
  • Has your mortgage company taken a stance on an industry issue (e.g. Why home ownership is better than renting)
  • Providing answers to frequently asked mortgage and homeownership questions (e.g. Produce a definitive guide to understanding ARM’s)
  • Provide some historical context (e.g. how about a post on the history of mortgages in America)
  • How-to guides/tutorials on topics that don’t change (e.g. How to apply of your first mortgage, or a video on 10 Tips on Improving Your Credit Score)

Maintaining Your Mortgage Company’s Evergreen Content

As mentioned before content that is truly evergreen will not require much in the way of maintenance, however it’s a good idea to review your evergreen post ever so often (maybe every 6 month or so) to see if there’s room for improvement. Because your evergreen content will be working day and night generating traffic and leads you’ll want to keep it as fresh as possible.