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Google AdWords™ Management: JugHead Media provides pay per click management services for  companies seeking to either get started with or improve on existing services with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search, Facebook PPC, and Microsoft Ad Center.

What Is PPC

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is a technique used in internet advertising designed to direct traffic to websites.  The strategy calls for advertisers to pay hosting services like Google AdWords on a per click basis (you only pay if your ad is actually clicked).

Why Use PPC

Pay Per Click services can be an excellent way to promote new or existing websites on the Internet.  Two key benefits of PPC is that it

  • Provides Immediate Traffic
  • Allows you to avoid lead generator (middleman fees)

Many companies are not aware if their pay per click campaigns are properly optimized, if spending budgets are ideal, or they simply are not getting the desired results.

Why Should I Hire JugHead Media

Google AdWords Professional / PPC SpecialistYou are likely to busy running your business to go and learn the ins and outs of professional PPC management.  Believe us…it’s not as simple as just setting an account with a search engine.  Landing pages need optimizing, competitive cpc budgets need analyzing, multi-variant test need performing, results need measuring, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

JugHead Media can provide help with Google Adwords, and other PPC platforms.  As your PPC Management Consultant we focus generating results, quickly.  We provide a wide array of tools and processes that ensure that the correct keywords are being chosen for each advertisement.

We’ll Give You $100 Towards Your AdWords Campaign

Because JugHead is a member of Google Engage we receive incentives directly from Google to pass on to new AdWords customers.

What You Get With JugHead’s PPC Management

  • $100 Towards any new AdWords Campaign (even if you decide not to use us)
  • Google AdWords Campaign Management By A Certified Google Partner
  • Free installation of Google Analytics on all pages we manage
  • Dedicated Campaign Manger
  • Industry and Competitor Keyword Analysis Reporting
  • Professional Keyword Research and Generation
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Custom Landing Page Design
  • Custom Consulting
  • Split Testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Verifiable Results 

Call Us Now At 1-877-598-7779 or Reach Out To Us By Completing The Handy Dandy Form Located On Our Contact Page and we’ll give you $100 towards your new Google Adwords account.